Our Vision

New technological approaches to farming, when combined with renewable energy, can produce protein sustainably. 

To meet the needs for protein sustain a global population of 10 billion people by 2050 we envision a future in which organic waste streams are fully re-utilised and where feed and food production are sustainable. Current protein production utilises wholly unsustainable methods.

Our Mission

To upcycle the useful proteins in organic waste streams into insect protein for animal feed and to do so with negative emissions. 

Our mission is to become a global agri-tech business with a network of cloud connected, highly automated, BSF larvae farms that up-cycle organic waste into high quality protein for animal feeds and other sustainably produced by-products.

Our Technology

FlyFarm is an agri-tech company with 2 years R&D and development effort to design and build a set of technologies to enable the efficient operation of a highly automated vertical insect farm. The FlyFarm System – is a cloud connected array of in house designed robotic handlers, environmental sensors, and software control mechanical shifters that can operate 24/7.

Our Team

Co-founder by a highly experienced team – Co-CEO Constant Tedder brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience starting and growing technology, renewable energy and multi-country operating companies; Co-CEO Andres Crabbe – brings over 10 years in MD positions.

FLYFARM is a Singapore Headquartered company with 10 team members:

  • Our Tech Team, based in Hong Kong includes mechatronics engineers, IoT software developers to focused on R&D for the FlyFarm Production System
  • Singapore HQ
  • Our Brisbane Team, which includes biologists, operates FlyFarm Brisbane.

Our aim is to create a best in class technology driven protein production business.