Bringing Medical Maggot Chronic Ulcer Therapy to HK

FlyFarm Biomedical is a spin out from insect company FlyFarm, founded in HK in 2018.

FlyFarm aims to bring the benefits of insects to organic waste, the food chain and health.

For medical purposes – FlyFarm Biomedical proposes to breed Greenbottle Blowfly (Lucilia sericata) and sterilise for use in wound dressings for the treatment by debridement of chronic ulcers.

Chronic Ulcer Treatment

Medical Maggots can quickly bring relief to pain and discomfort for sufferers of chronic ulcers.

Late stage diabetic ulcers are the commonest cause of amputations. In Hong Kong the percentage of the population with diabetes is 12% and rising. As many diabetes patients reach a late stage, chronic foot ulcers can become a major medical issue requiring treatment for which antibiotics is ineffective.

Chronic ulcers often require surgery to treat and to prevent infection. Infection can lead to gangrene and this is the direct cause of amputations.


Stakeholder conversations

FlyFarm Biomedical is considering launching Breeding and Supply within Hong Kong in 2024. As a part of the pathway to launch FlyFarm Biomedical is engaging in wide ranging conversation with patients, diabetic nurses, charities, the medical profession and the HKSAR government.